WiFi localization of persons, property, indication of falls and alert states

We deliver top-notch real-time localization systems (RTLS) from Zebra, Ekahau, Airist Flow.       RTLS helps increase:  

  • Patient safety and visits
    • Immediate localisation of patients or visits, can be allowed or avoided the patient's entry (visits) to individual departments. Signaling movement in a hazardous area, or outside the permitted environment.
    • Monitor the time of the patient leaving the device and automatically notify you when the time allowed for walking is exceeded, etc.
    • Rapid response to signaling of falls patients (falls sensors).
  • Safety and flexibility of employees
    • In critical situations it is possible to direct the security or medical personnel to the point where the alarm button was pressed.
    • Fast availability of key employees.
  • Worker process Efficiency
    • Monitoring and evaluation of certain service working processes (security, cleaning), monitoring of the effectiveness of patient movement, employees between departments or pavilions).
  • Localization and protection of property
    • Minimization of time losses when searching for registered items or important medical devices.
    • Effective protection against losses caused by their theft.
  • Efficiency of medical devices
    • Analysis of movement and use of objects and medical devices allows to analyze data and optimize processes.
    • It is possible to reduce inventory and expensive medical facilities because of their better use.


  • Additional functionality
    • Data collection from additional sensors (collection of data on temperature, humidity, pressure, flow rate, radiation and other telemetry data).
    • All data can be displayed on project or map documents.
  • Defining events
    • EG: tag outside defined area, values of sensors (increase or decrease of temperature above the specified limit), attempt to forcibly remove the tag from the monitored object, the immobility of the tag for a specified time, the impact of a certain intensity. Other tracked events can be mates of two or more tags, such as a. Distance between each other or the number of tags in a given space.
    • Reactions to these events-e-mail message, SMS, Web service call, switching of external devices (relay, siren, signal light).


  • Privacy
    • Private Zone definitions. Location information is not provided in this space. A database of users who have access only to the information that is allowed.

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