EMS-Muscular Elektrostimulace


The electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is used successfully in therapeutic rehabilitation at all levels, for all sports. Athletes use EMS as an adjunct to regular training. EMS creates intense contraction of muscles during training or gentle vibrations while relaxing. Normal muscular activity is controlled by central and peripheral nervous systems, which transmits electrical signals to the muscles. The EMS works similarly, except that it uses external electrical impulses transmitted through the skin. They are guided by nerves into a specifically targeted muscle that responds to contractions just as happens during normal muscle activity.

EMS is used for various kinds of muscle exercises:

Resistenční force-explosive force
-Relaxation-warming up         
-Maximum power

Main advantages of exercising with an electric muscular stimulator:

  • You can focus on a particular muscle or group of muscles. This makes EMS a very useful method after an injury when some muscles need increased attention.
  • EMS is an excellent method of regeneration as it increases blood circulation and excretion of toxins.
  • EMS has a relaxation effect on the muscle.
  • EMS stimulates both slow and fast muscle fibers. Slow fibers are used mainly for endurance sports, while fast fibers are particularly important for sports that require strength at high speed. Normal training is normally difficult to focus on fast muscle fibers.

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