TENS stands for transcutaneous (through the skin) electrical nerve stimulation. The treatment is based on the transmission of weak electrical impulses through the skin to the subcutaneous nerve receptors. Contact with the podkožím is ensured by means of electrodes. TENS electrodes are usually placed around a painful area or directly to a painful place or to acupuncture points.

TENS impulses help the body in the formation of its own painkillers. A TENS unit does not provide a direct remedy for problems that are responsible for pain, but significantly alleviate the perception of this pain. The body will also help to stimulate the production of many of its various substances that help in the treatment process.

For the control of acute and chronic pain in:-Rheumatoid arthritis-osteoarthritis of one or more joints-ankylosing spondylitis (ankylosing spondylitis disease)-cervical spine injuries, cervical spondylitis-problems in the back area (trauma to the vertebrae, Vyhřezlé intervertebral), Spondylitis-Osteoporéza-Sciatica (inflammation of the sciatic nerve)-Fibrozitida (myofascial syndrome)-Acute sprains (sports, accidents at work)-migraine and headaches-menstrual problems-peripheral nerve pain and neuropathy from various causes- Herpetic disease (shingles)-postoperative neuralgia, pain scarred tissue-tumor diseases-nausea and vomiting-fatigue pain in limbs (eg. After sporting or other physical performances)-inflammation of the tendons (bursitis)-Phantom pain of the amputated limb  

The TENS Elektrostimulační method has been successfully used worldwide for many years to relieve pain.
D-Health provides a long-term supply of quality products to the UK company Body Clock LTD, with verified technical support and service.
Body Clock Smart TENS
Body Clock Prfile TENS

  Body Clock Vyvunulo Revolutionary wireless device to silently pain-ITENS. Body Clock ITENS



The TENS methods are also successfully used in the delivery of pain during childbirth. This method is often opužívána in Scandinavia, Germany, the Great UK, recently it is beginning to use Nastavající mothers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Body Clock ELLE TENS+
Body Clock ELLE TENS 2

    [Video width = "1280" height = "720" mp4 = "http://www.d-health.cz/wp-content/uploads/iTENS-Revolutionary-Wireless-Bluetooth-TENS-Machine-1.mp4"] [/video] Video: Body Clock ITENS-Wireless pain relief [Video width = "1920" height = "1080" mp4 = "http://www.d-health.cz/wp-content/uploads/GeboorteTENS-ENGELS-What-is-GeboorteTens.mp4"] [/video] Video: Body Clock ELLE TENS-quieting pain during delivery

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