Evidence of operations and consumption of drugs in medical and nursing care

D-Health offers an elegant solution for various records (acts, medications, materials, property, etc.). We supply user-friendly solutions that can be customized to the desired needs. Alternatively, we will process individual program modifications. Eva – Recording of operations combines the power of barcode technology, easy operation and user-friendly software.   With Eve it is easy to:-Replace manual data collection for a variety of administration-to process reports of planned and realized care in medical and nursing care-to monitor the consumption of medications to the patient level-to record and evaluate the control of objects (errands, Security)-keep records in the rental or warehouse (health aids, material)-check the quality of cleaning (+ exact time of the operation)-register attendance-register assets Mobile data collection provides a memory wireless Miničtečka barcode:-Convenient to Wear (e.g. On the pendant neck)-Mobility at work (no cables)-inexpensive (from 3 000,-CZK)-Very small operating costs (battery Dobíjená via USB)

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