Identification of persons

The requirement to identify persons in healthcare facilities is one of the key enablers for improving the quality of care provided and improving safety. We supply both economical and simple solutions that can be customized to the desired needs, as well as top RTLS solutions. (see). Identification of persons

  • Increase the safety of persons (patient, client, visitor, attendance and support staff)
  • Prevention of confusion of patients
  • Improving the efficiency of staff work
  • Identification of the patient is a condition for the awarding of the SAK CR Accreditation (Accreditation Standard No. 44).
  • Possible actions on the part of injured patients (costs of compensation and loss of reputation and clients-replacement of the patient or newborn).
  1. Using the barcode – Identification bracelets

The identification bracelets supplied are suitable for identifying patients of any age (both paediatric and adult "adult"). All materials used are wholesome and thus meet the application for medical use according to the decree of the Ministry of Health No. 84/2001 Coll., as amended. Bracelets can be preprinted or used to the applied Barcode (bar code). All bracelet IDs can be described by a suitable handle or marked with appropriate self-adhesive or retractable labels.   To print barcodes, you can use your own suitable printing equipment or we supply special printing presses for identification tapes.    

  1. Using RFID tags

RFID tags allow you to update the information entered in the RFID tag (when using read/write RFID tags).

Main advantages of RFID tags

  • No direct visibility is required when reading or writing
  • Digital information retrieval (speed, accuracy, traceability)
  • No direct visibility is required for reading and writing to RFID tags (as with barcode)
  • Speed of information acquisition
  • Mobility
  • mnohačetného option
  • Resistance and variability of media (temperature, humidity)
  • Collection/retrieval through the human body and in its surroundings, through clothing, bedding and non-metallic materials.

  Self-identification lies in the allocation of a carrier (barcode, RFID label, or RFID tag) with a unique identifier.   Depending on the chosen technology and user requirements, we can then deliver the appropriate software support – from specialized barcode printing software and RFID label updates, through an application for registering people to sophisticated localization systems Using WiFi and active RFID tags.   We will process individual program modifications, ensuring the export and import of data from and to other information systems or applications.  

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