Application integration

With the automation of more complex information processes, integration of an increasing number of applications and the use of increasingly complex logic to control the integration process is required. For application integration, several approaches have been developed that allow applications to communicate with each other, transmit the necessary data, or inquire about important events. Most perspective appears to be using a service-based architecture (SOA) and its implementation using Web services. The correct design of services is critical to this approach and the creation of a simple řiditelného integration environment.

We offer cooperation in solving various integration tasks:

  • Integration of users of individual applications
  • Information and data integration
  • Process integration
  • Technology integration of IT environment

Integration according to the principles and architecture of the solution:

  • Data-level integration-realization through data pumps, deployment of data warehousing including ETL deployment tools and processes for data mining and analysis
  • Integration at the application level-realization primarily through interconnection with simple Web services designed for communication of applications on each and every basis. This method of integration is suitable for integration of very small and small scale.
  • Integration at process level-implementation of specialized integration systems (EAI), covering complex integration issues including process modelling and monitoring. Integration at this level is typically built on the SOA architecture of the Enterprise Services catalog (the "Enterprise Services") and supports the creation of composite applications that are overarching integrated systems. Integration Broker).

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